Thank You from the Bottom of My (Scallop) ‘Nads

Author: Skylar Bayer

As may of you know, I appeared in the The Colbert Report’s special, The Enemy Within — Dr. Skylar Bayer.
I stated in the clip that I’m not actually a Dr. but hope to be within the next three years (crossing fingers).

For the original post where I wrote about it, click here, for my follow-up on some of the science, click here.

I want to take the time to thank everyone involved.

This clip aired at a really tough time for my family, so they were bursting with pride that something good was happening in the family! I’m also in the midst of looking for continued funding come this summer, so this made me a little more hopeful.

None of this could’ve happened without Andy Mays, who stated that maybe we’d make a new friend out of this. It looks like we’ve made lots of new friends out of this, Andy, and in particular Gail Gairthwait! (And thank you Gail, for reporting my missing samples!)

I also thank Andy’s wife Michelle, who was the one who submitted the police report and posted the advertisement of the lost guts on Facebook. Without her, again, none of this would’ve happened.

I thank Nicole Savini, a head producer at The Colbert Report who is so cool and down to earth and just was a wonderful contact. I’m convinced that The Colbert Report is filled with lots of kind-hearted and hilarious people. They did a fantastic job of story telling. This is not an easy task to do, and I think they deserve a lot of credit for doing such a great job.

In terms of preparing for interviewing, I thank Margaret Nagle over at the UMaine Public Relations office and Ari Daniel Shapiro, both who took their time to help me prepare a little bit for interviewing.

I thank my family, my boyfriend, my advisor, my friends, my labmates and everyone at the DMC and SMS at UMaine for their support! (And my dog, Millie, for just kind of continuously being there no matter what).

Lastly (but not least-ly), I thank all of you countless scientists and readers out there that shared the clip and wrote to me! I’ve heard a number of great comments from people via e-mail stating that this story made science more accessible to the public and that it depicts a scientist (me) as any other person with a sense of humor. We’re just as normal (or strange) as anyone else. We just work on weird things sometimes like, well, scallop gonads.

And I will state one more time…. I’m still looking for more writers!! Please, please, please submit your stories. Practice your writing skills. I’m considering starting a column on similar stories of relatively benign science mishaps (like my story). I cannot promise you will be on The Colbert Report, but my blog post is how the Colbert Report found me. So you never know! Be brave.

Now, back to research…

Happy March!

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