2015 — A New Year!

Posted on January 4, 2015 by


Skylar out at sea helping with scallop video surveys!

Author: Skylar Bayer

Hello world,

It’s been awhile. As a busy Ph.D. student, I’ve been trying to make time for a lot of things — research, teaching, roller derby, yoga, the occasional grappling session, producing storytelling shows, twitter, leggings, re-reading the Outlander series (because that show is SO good), and fantasizing about my own line of science fashion prints (I have so many ideas) — however, writing in the blog got left behind as a priority.

So, this year I’m going to write a bit more, but shorter blog posts since I’m also trying to publish (yay!) chapters from my thesis. Hoping to blog a little bit more about my research once it gets into the peer reviewed journal world. Keep your eyes peeled for “Actual virgin experimental giant sea scallop eggs fertilized for the very first time”… or something like that 😉

I’m also trying to get a radio show started here at a local station in Rockland, Maine (WRFR-LP) which I can hopefully turn into a monthly podcast (probably will take six months before this starts up.) I should be starting my training next month, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Feel free to send me your ideas.

If you are interested in posting in Strictlyfishwrap, please, please, please send me your article ideas and drafts. I look forward to them.

Happy New Year!


(Derby name: Sass Girl Rilla)