Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour: Episode 7

Author: Skylar Bayer

This week is a very special podcast — unofficial end of summer, my birthday week, and it’s hopefully spawning week for my scallops. I’ll be posting a very special spawing post for labor day weekend this week.

This week I read some fan mail from a four year old in Australia, talked cooperative research out on Muscle Ridge with Cait Cleaver (our dogs even participate in the conversation we had in her kitchen in Thomaston, Maine), and hear about where a mysterious email lead Karen James of MDI Biological Laboratory. Her story made The Story Collider podcast last week. Karen is one of the most dedicated storytellers I know — she drove 3.5 hours to Portland from MDI just to share her experience.

Next show is September 13th. I’m most likely going to be staying on the topic of scallops for the next few months (the season starts up December 1st in Maine). However, I will be the naturalist about the schooner Angelique the week of September 20-25 and might get some interview snippets from that trip while we look for seabirds and talk Gulf of Maine ecology.

Also, if you haven’t heard the Maine Calling show that I helped set up with their producer, Jonathan Smith, for the Darling Marine Center 50th anniversary, you can check it out here. It features Heather Lesley, Bob Steneck, Chris Davis and a call in from Larry Mayer.

One more thing before I go. Please check out the Go Fund Me page for  Andy Mays (the fisherman that stared in this famous Colbert Report clip). He is battling with cancer right now, while keeping an amazing attitude about all of it, and he and his family would benefit greatly from your support.

Music breaks: The Gammy Bird by Christopher Young, I Come from a Land Down Under by Men At Work, Cheerleader by Omi.
If you are interested in being on the show as a guest (you can call in, too!) or have suggestions, comments or questions, just email me at strictlyfishwrap [at] gmail [dot] com.

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