IMCC Episodes 1 & 2 + Other updates

Author: Skylar Bayer

(Photo above of Skylar Bayer interviewing Ed Hind)

This fall has been very busy indeed and suddenly winter is almost here.

Thom and I got married shortly after my last post (we are now a husband and wife podcast team, the Young-Bayers). I have been working quite a bit on manuscripts, research over at Bigelow, my new personal website, spending important time with family and friends, and we spent some time on the first two IMCC podcasts!

Thom and I recorded a version of Kim Martini’s 12 days of Christmas — NASA Earth Science Edition. You can check out the original post, lyrics and an awesome step by step explanation of all the lyrics and the amazing things that NASA has done for science.

For whatever reason, the new equipment at the radio station where I record a lot of shows has an odd buzzing noise that I haven’t quite figured out how to fix. So, Thom and I had to re-record our first IMCC episode over Thanksgiving and I think that might be how we do things from now on.

If you listen closely, the introduction has clips of folks that I interviewed at the meeting. Every episode I’ll switch it up a bit.

IMCC Episode 1 (SFW Episode 18)

IMCC Episode 2 (SFW Episode 19)

Check out the IMCC playlist below if you only want to hear the separate interview clips (without commentary).

In the future we’re thinking of doing an episode on birds (I realized after listening to my audio that I learned A LOT about birds at this meeting) and probably a montage of short interviews from folks.

Also, Thom might start playing the bagpipes for musical breaks in the future. I’m very excited about that.

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me. Occasionally there are weird audio glitches that get uploaded. Also, if you have suggestions for a free audio editor to remove odd buzzing noises, let me know.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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