SFW Science Radio Hour 21: Thom and Skylar are BACK with Ocean Lovin!

Happy June everyone!

I am now Dr. Bayer, though legally Thom and I are now the Young-Bayers! I’m continuing as Dr. Bayer professionally, though (just FYI).

After discovering that my “away” episode that was only meant to be plays one or two weeks was played for over two months while I was finishing my dissertation (which was really embarrassing), Thom and I are back to hosting! We will be back with an interview on June 18th — returning to a similar show format.

This winter and spring I have collaborated with the Ocean Science Radio crew to bring the Ocean Lovin series to you. We have five episodes out, with the sixth one in the works.

We played episodes 3 and 5 on this show, but you can hear all five here.

If you are interested in all of my other science communication activities, I update my science communication page more regularly here on my personal website.

Thom and I are telling the story of how we met for The Story Collider in Brooklyn on June 20th if you’re interested in attending and in the area.

Music breaks: The Gammy Bird by Christopher Young, bagpipes by Thom Young-Bayer

One thought on “SFW Science Radio Hour 21: Thom and Skylar are BACK with Ocean Lovin!

  1. Totally stoked at what you do and how you do it with such voracity and vivaciousness! Wish we could be at the Story Collider. Best of luck!

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