Summer flew by: SFW Episodes 22-25

Posted on October 12, 2017 by


Hi everyone,

Summer flew by way too quickly… so quickly in fact that it’s already October! Thom and I have been busy — a 10 mile swim race for Thom, field work in Downeast Maine and scallop experiments for me and of course the solar eclipse in August !

We are running into a busy time of year and it is likely our frequency of shows will go down over the next few months. I am also moving to Washington D.C. in February, but we may continue the podcast, somehow…

Check out all our summer episodes here:

Episodes 26 and 27 will be up sometime later this month — stay tuned for a Fall update on this blog. We just bought a house, so we’ve been a little busy!

The audio version of my ESA #MySciComm blogpost can be found here:

And of course you can hear the story Thom and I told together of our fateful meeting at The Story Collider.

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