Skylar Bayer — Graduate student at “run” DMC (UMaine), studying invertebrate fertilization. I like ecology.**

Maggie Sogin —  I’m a graduate student at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology  studying the interaction between corals and their algal symbionts.  I like coral reefs, cold beers and anything in the ocean.

Anya Brown— Graduate student currently studying how water flow influences mechanisms of coral-algal interactions at California State University, Northridge. Likes: corals, algae, drinking Mai Tais on the beach. Dislikes: bananas.

Alden Denny —  I’m a marine geology grad student at the University of Washington, my focus is on geologic mapping, water column acoustics, and hydrothermal processes.**

Gemina Garland-Lewis –I’m a photographer, biologist, and vagabond. Currently a MS in Conservation Medicine candidate at Tufts University, during the summers I spend my days as an international trip leader and photography teacher for high school students with National Geographic Student Expeditions.  When I’m not reading up for my thesis (farmer education programs for vector management of agriculturally-associated diseases in Africa) or editing photos I’m probably dancing either tango or African dance or drinking either tea or beer.** Website:

Kelton McMahon — I’m a post-doc in marine science, studying sharks and coral reef fishes. I’m kind of a chemist in biologist’s clothing. I spend a lot of time in Saudi Arabia, and since there’s no bacon and no beer here, I travel a lot!**

Ellie Bors — **

Amanda Arner — I’m a former biology graduate student interested in evolutionary ecology, behavior, and wildlife conservation, with over six years teaching experience in formal and informal science education. Currently on academic hiatus, looking for the right PhD program integrating science, technology, outreach and education. Also, **.

Meghan Rock –Meghan went to school for writing, fell in love with science and marine biology, and then found a way to engage in her passion for science and communication in her chosen career as a science illustrator. For more information about Meghan and her work, you can go to her portfolio website,

Hans Gonzembach — I am an undergraduate at Florida International University, Class of 2013. I specialize in Coral Reef Ecology and my interests include: Animal behavior, wildlife conservation, and ecology (terrain and marine). Follow my blog at!

Min Ding — I am a geophysics graduate student in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program. I chose geophysics because I love traveling outdoors and the big bang theory. My current research focuses on numerical modeling of earthquake mechanisms and lithospheric dynamics on Mars.

Josh Manger — Restech at Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Traveler; Amateur Film Maker. **

Larissa Williams — I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at Bates College.  Prior to Bates, I completed my Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology at North Carolina State University and a postdoc at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  I love to travel, dive, and ride horses.

** I like cold beers, too.

4 thoughts on “Bloggers

    1. Hi Halejessie —
      E-mail your submission to
      If you would like to become a regular author, we’ll send you an invite through wordpress. We want your stories working with abalone — not just the science. BUT we will definitely link up your blog to this site.
      Looking forward to it!
      ~The Management

      1. Awesome, I will write up a new post about my work with abalone and send it to you. Thanks for your consideration! I would be interested to know more about becoming a regular author as well.

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