Mussels in hand April 6, 2015
RichardNelson7 March 15, 2015
More teammates defending against an idea! (That's me in the gorilla pants, yup). February 2, 2015
20140828_171951 January 25, 2015

2015 — A New Year!

January 4, 2015


Skylar out at sea helping with scallop video surveys!

Author: Skylar Bayer Hello world, It’s been awhile. As a busy Ph.D. student, I’ve been trying to make time for a lot of things — research, teaching, roller derby, yoga, the occasional grappling session, producing storytelling shows, twitter, leggings, re-reading the Outlander series (because that show is SO good), and fantasizing about my own line […]

Hey, nice beard, where can I get one of those?

July 31, 2014


Figure 3. The author emulating Chris Barron singing "Two Princes" in an A+ lip-synching performance.

Author: Skylar Bayer So, there’s this thing in science where a lot of (but not ALL) famous scientists have beards. A quick Google search (Figure 1) will should quote a few folks including Darwin and Galileo, Albert Einstein (I’m not sure he counts, actually) and some other folks, as well as a lady with a […]

Updates: Postcards, The Story Collider and a podcast (?!)

July 24, 2014



Author: Skylar Bayer Hello everyone! So, first off, thank you to those who sent in postcards! I will be writing you back next month. See, I got them!!!! New York City, Belgrade, Cape Cod, Minnesota, Singapore, Australia and somewhere in the southwest… what a spread! Thank you and I will reply with Maine-scenic postcards (someone […]


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