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Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour: Episode 6

July 26, 2015


Lyn and I on the radio show!

Author: Skylar Bayer Happy almost August… summer is just flying by here in Maine. The podcast from last week’s recording is posted!  The interview is with Lyn Tesseyman, the amazing weather woman at VSTV-88. My interview with Lyn is about how she got into weather, what goes into predicting the weather and presenting the weather […]

Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour: Episode 5

July 5, 2015



Author: Skylar Bayer Happy Independence day! The podcast from last week’s recording is posted!  The interview is with Dr. Damian Brady, a research scientist based at University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center. My interview with Damian is about the New England Sustainability Consortium — a project dedicated to understanding water quality issues across multiple disciplines. […]

Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour: Episode 4

June 15, 2015



Author: Skylar Bayer Welcome to mid-June, everyone.I’m delighted to say I’ve uploaded my June 14th interview with Marissa MacMahan. Marissa is doing her Ph.D. on the expansion of the black sea bass range into the Gulf of Maine. She is a student at Northeastern University in Massachusetts, but resides in Maine. The interview was previously […]


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