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Maine’s Ocean Acidification Report

March 15, 2015



Richard Nelson is a lobster fisherman from Friendship, Maine who joined with scientists, legislators and others commissioned to study ocean acidification and its effects on commercially harvested and grown species along the coast of Maine. The following are some of the thoughts he used in addressing the press and interested parties during the release of the […]

The process of science is very much like a game of roller derby

February 2, 2015


More teammates defending against an idea! (That's me in the gorilla pants, yup).

Author: Skylar Bayer I am a roller derby player and I am also a scientist in the midst of obtaining her Ph.D. Something occurred to me recently: The process of getting out a scientific idea, result, theory, or manuscript out in the world is very much like roller derby. Aside from the crazy names and […]

The Guilty Grocery Store Mental Monologue

January 25, 2015



Author: Skylar Bayer One of the biggest struggles in my daily existence is going to the grocery store. This is actually impossible when I am hangry. I literally salivate the moment I enter the store just like my dog does when I say the word dinner. It is not the fact that I actually have […]


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