More teammates defending against an idea! (That's me in the gorilla pants, yup). February 2, 2015
20140828_171951 January 25, 2015
Skylar out at sea helping with scallop video surveys! January 4, 2015
Figure 3. The author emulating Chris Barron singing "Two Princes" in an A+ lip-synching performance. July 31, 2014

Updates: Postcards, The Story Collider and a podcast (?!)

July 24, 2014



Author: Skylar Bayer Hello everyone! So, first off, thank you to those who sent in postcards! I will be writing you back next month. See, I got them!!!! New York City, Belgrade, Cape Cod, Minnesota, Singapore, Australia and somewhere in the southwest… what a spread! Thank you and I will reply with Maine-scenic postcards (someone […]

Ocean 180 Video Challenge: Communicating your research through film

June 23, 2014



Author: Mallory Watson Science communication is important. Of course, if you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that. You might have spent some time looking for new ways to get your science out there — out to the public and other scientists. There’s also a good chance you’re already actively involved in communicating your […]

Story Collider Podcast

February 11, 2014



Hi Everyone! The Story Collider Podcast of my story came out today! It is an account of my first dive in Alvin. A very fun story. The Story Collider is a fantastic group of people humanizing science by bringing together storytellers and audiences. They rely on listener support so sign up for their podcast (free!) […]


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