Figure 3. The author emulating Chris Barron singing "Two Princes" in an A+ lip-synching performance. July 31, 2014
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Send. Me. A. Postcard.

February 8, 2014



By Skylar Bayer Updated. My first postcard ever is from 1989. It was a green rectangle that lived in the corner of a baby picture of myself hung on my bright yellow wall. I still have no idea why I had a blown up print of my baby-self in my bedroom. Maybe my parents left […]

Happy 2014!

December 31, 2013



Dear Readers, I know there hasn’t been much in the way of new posts this last quarter of 2013, but I assure you, there is more on the way in 2014! I am in the midst of preparing for doctoral exams and am hoping that after completing them, I will be editing and writing new […]

Wildlife Rehabilitation: Nature’s Hospital

August 25, 2013


Pelican release (PHSS).

Author: Hans Gozembach As graduation from college grew near this past year, I decided I wanted to find out what area of biology I wanted to pursue as a career. So I started interning with two grad students who were working with coral reef conservation at Florida International University located in Miami, FL. I was […]


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