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TEDxPiscataqua River talk is up online!

May 24, 2016


TEDx Piscataqua 2016-9605

Author: Skylar Bayer Hello! Back in February I got an email one Friday afternoon inviting me to be a speaker at the TEDxPiscataquaRiver event “On the Edge” in Portsmouth, NH. I was excited mostly because the person invited me had seen me give a science talk last year at the Benthic Ecology Meeting. What’s so […]

Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour: Episode 13

May 23, 2016



Author: Skylar Bayer  World Fish Migration Day was May 21 and this is my pre-recorded podcast for it that I played yesterday (Sunday). It was challenging recording the show at home instead of in the studio for a couple of reasons. One reason was because occasionally the washing machine or the dogs ended up in […]

Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour: Episode 12

May 11, 2016



Author: Skylar Bayer My May Day episode is up! Given that World Fish Migration Day is May 21, it seems only appropriate that this month I post interviews related to fish. Take a listen to hear about what Constantin Scherelis has to say about using hydroacoustics to find fish in the Penobscot River. The Penobscot […]